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Photoshop 2014.2.2 Update Now Available

Photoshop 2014.2.2 Update (12/10/2014)

12/10/2014 – Today we released Photoshop CC 2014 update version 2014.2.2 (Mac and Windows), resolving the following issues:

How to get the updates

  1. Look for the update in the Creative Cloud application and click “Update”. (Quit and restart the Creative Cloud application if you don’t see the update)
  2. If you don’t have the Creative Cloud application running, start Photoshop 2014 and choose Help > Updates.
  3. The Adobe Application Manager will launch. Select Adobe Photoshop CC 2014and choose Update.

How to confirm that the Update worked:

  1. In Photoshop, choose Help > About Photoshop (Win), or Photoshop > About Photoshop (Mac)
  2. The version is listed in the about dialog
Photoshop CC (2014.2) Creative Cloud Libraries

Browse and access your favorite creative assets — images, colors, type styles, brushes, and more — in new libraries that are available in Photoshop, Illustrator, and mobile apps like Sketch and Draw. Libraries sync to Creative Cloud so you always have the files you need, right when you need them.
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Extract Assets

Easily extract optimized image assets from layers and save them to various formats and resolutions, including SVG, using the simple, visual Extract Assets interface built on top of Adobe Generator. Generate either individual or real-time, auto-updated extractions tailored to your workflow.
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Improved guides

Quickly create multiple guides at one time — no more having to create or drag out each guide individually. Accurately set the width and margins of multiple columns or rows, and even save guides as presets.
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Support for Windows touch devices

Get a more interactive experience on Windows 8.1 touch devices now that you can use pinch, zoom, pan, and rotate gestures.

Support for 3D PDF files

Export your 3D designs from Photoshop as 3D PDF files so colleagues and clients can easily view, comment on, and manipulate them in Adobe Acrobat.
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New 3D printer profiles

Get support for additional 3D printers and printing service providers, including i.materialise, new MakerBot printers, and Ultimaker printers.

SVG export

Export SVG graphics using new Extract Assets and Adobe Generator. Output includes path information, layer style information, and more for content that will scale beautifully in any browser.
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Mercury Graphics Engine performance boost

Focus Mask works up to three times faster thanks to a performance boost from the Mercury Graphics Engine.

And so much more

Also includes: a padding option for selections, a new Flame pattern script, and more.
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Photoshop CC (2014.1)

Expanded 3D printing support

Create print-ready 3D files for a broader range of printers and service providers. Photoshop now supports the fifth generation MakerBot Replicator 3D printer and Japanese online 3D printing service

Support for more 3D file formats

Broaden your 3D workflow with support for new file formats, including VRML, U3D, PLY, and IGES. Photoshop includes better integration with CAD workflows, improved support for 3D scanners, and more.

Streamlined 3D painting

Improvements in Photoshop make painting your 3D models faster and easier.

Optimized 3D printing resources

Easily layout multiple 3D objects on a single print bed to maximize the efficiency of your print run.

3D printing workflow improvements

Load assemblies in Photoshop. Add depth and texture to surfaces more easily with normal maps and bump maps made from pictures. Get more accurate previews and higher fidelity mesh repair.

And so much more

Also included: line/point ray tracing; the ability to disable ray trace preview in the 3D Print Settings dialog; and more.
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