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An evolution in web design

The process of creating Reflow started not only by studying the web design landscape, but also a full audit of Adobe’s design product and workflows. We arrived at a core set of tenets that would drive the creation of this new web design tool.

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What new in Build Number: 0.27.12254

Multiple page responsive designs
- Reflow now supports multiple page projects. From Reflow, you can add, delete, rename, rearrange and preview multiple pages in your project. To add pages to your document, go to the "Pages" menu item or click on the third icon on your right column panel.

Scrubby inputs
- Click and drag your cursor on property icons to easily adjust their values.

- Copy and paste visual styles, duplicate elements and control project preferences all from a right-click.

Place & Move
- Hold Cmd/Ctrl while in text or box drawing mode to toggle the select tool. Let go of the Cmd/Ctrl key and you are returned to drawing mode.

Save your project, get HTML
- Every time your project is saved, the HTML and CSS are written out and saved to the assets directory in your project.

Undo works as you'd expect
- Undo adding, deleting and editing breakpoints.
- Undo after a Save.
- Undo across pages changes.

Introducing Preview mode
- Press the TAB key to hide Reflow's design UI and visual overlays to experience your responsive comp as it would appear in the browser.

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