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Reflow 8.1
October 15, 2014 in Update

There is a new version of Reflow with bug fixes including resolving the capitalization of high ascii characters, and the ability to install, launch and uninstall Reflow from the Creative Cloud Apps Panel


Release Notes - 01/14/2014
Build 0.36.15772

What's New

Out of Box Experience
We have added a starter project to Edge Reflow that you can interact and play with upon first launch. This should give you an idea of how to interact with breakpoints, move things around a page, interact with groups and understand how layout works. The project should also help to inform you about new features available in this update of Reflow. You can open it at any time by selecting "Open Welcome Project" from the Help menu.

Layout Insertion Caret
In an effort to make layout in Reflow easier, we have added an insertion caret to help you visualize where an element will land when you move it. As you drag an element, if the mouse is between other elements or overlapping elements, a visual caret will display the position at which the element will land. The element can land between two elements splitting margins evenly. Similarly, if the caret is flush against the right or left side of another element, it will land on the edge setting new margins to 0.

Form Elements
Reflow now includes the ability to add form elements to your design. From the main tools menu, you can add a button, text input, select, checkbox, or radio button to your design. Once the form element is on your canvas, you can change various properties of the element in the property inspector such as the orientation of labels or the value of a button.

States and Linking
Any element on the Reflow canvas can now have a link added to it. You can also style any element for hover, active and focus states. Links can be made to a URL or to another page in your design. These links and states will work in the tab preview mode or the browser preview.

We have changed the interaction with groups in this update to Edge Reflow. In this version, groups will be visualized on the canvas with a dashed line. Other elements on the canvas have a solid line. Elements can now be edited, added or removed from a group without ungrouping. If you have a group, select the group with one click of your mouse, then click once more to edit an element in that group.

Also Released: Edge Reflow CC (Preview 7)
The next version of Edge Reflow is now available. This new release of Reflow has exciting new features like an insertion caret, form elements (buttons, text inputs, selects, checkboxes, radio buttons), style states, linking across multiple pages, and more. There’s also a brand new starter project upon first launch, so you can interact and play with Reflow’s new features right away. 

Release Notes - 08/07/2013 

What new in Build Number: 0.27.12254 

Multiple page responsive designs
- Reflow now supports multiple page projects. From Reflow, you can add, delete, rename, rearrange and preview multiple pages in your project. To add pages to your document, go to the "Pages" menu item or click on the third icon on your right column panel. 

Scrubby inputs
- Click and drag your cursor on property icons to easily adjust their values. 

- Copy and paste visual styles, duplicate elements and control project preferences all from a right-click.

Place & Move
- Hold Cmd/Ctrl while in text or box drawing mode to toggle the select tool. Let go of the Cmd/Ctrl key and you are returned to drawing mode.

Save your project, get HTML
- Every time your project is saved, the HTML and CSS are written out and saved to the assets directory in your project.

Undo works as you'd expect
- Undo adding, deleting and editing breakpoints.
- Undo after a Save.
- Undo across pages changes.

 Introducing Preview mode
- Press the TAB key to hide Reflow's design UI and visual overlays to experience your responsive comp as it would appear in the browser.

Adobe Edge Reflow - Import Photoshop CC Assets into Edge Reflow

New Adobe Generator, a new technology that is paving the way for intelligent tools that automate time-consuming tasks and provide easier workflows for anyone designing for screens. 

In this video, you’ll see how Photoshop CC uses Generator technology as you work to save tagged layers and layer groups as individual image files in formats you choose, all collected in a single folder. You’ll also learn how with just a click, Adobe Edge Reflow CC users can bring assets from Photoshop mockups into Edge Reflow CC to quickly adjust layouts to fit desired devices. It’s responsive web design made easier by Adobe Generator.

In this episode, you can see how you can leverage the new Edge Reflow integration with Photoshop CC to import your assets and kickstart your responsive design project.