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Creative Cloud 2014

Ares Hovhannesyan - Thursday, June 19, 2014

All New Creative Cloud for 2014 is Here


We’ve been hard at work the last two years to address four key areas of the Creative Cloud you told us to focus on: performance boosts, workflow efficiencies, support for new hardware and standards, and of course innovative features, which we call the Adobe “magic.” If you’ve been hanging on to your old CS disks, waiting for the right time to join the Creative Cloud community, that moment is here. The latest version—available today—is packed with new, truly inventive features that will make it easier to do your work from anywhere, help you do it faster, and let you bring all of those great creative ideas in your imagination, to life.

Read on for the highlights list of what’s new in Creative Cloud, and click through to the product blogs and videos to get a deep dive directly from the teams.

Major updates across our desktop apps

  • Photoshop CC now has Blur Gallery motion effects for creating a sense of motion, and the recently introduced Perspective Warp for fluidly adjusting the perspective of a specific part of an image without affecting the surrounding area. Focus Mask (did you see the sneak?) makes portrait shots with shallow depth of field stand out, and new Content-Aware capabilities make one of the most popular features even better. We’ve also added more camera support to Lightroom (version 5.5) as well as a new Lightroom mobile app for iPhone. The Photoshop and Lightroom blogs have the full scoop.
  • The Adobe Illustrator blog has the rundown on what’s new in Illustrator CC, such as Live Shapes to quickly and non-destructively transform rectangles into complex forms and then return to the original rectangle with just a few clicks.
  • With InDesign CC layout artists can now move rows and columns around in tables by simply selecting, dragging and dropping, which will be a big time saver. The new EPUB Fixed Layout means you can create digital books effortlessly.
  • The team is rebuilding Adobe Muse CC as a native 64-bit application and it now includes HiDPI display support for sharper-looking images, objects, and text.
  • Originally previewed at the NAB show in April, new features in our video apps include Live Text Templates, Masking and Tracking plus new integrations that leverage the power of Adobe After Effects CC inside Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It’s better, faster, stronger. Read more on our Pro Video blog.
  • Dreamweaver CC lets you see your work come to life. You can now view your markup in an interactive tree using the new Element Quick View, to quickly navigate, and modify the HTML structure of pages. The Dreamweaver CC blog has all the details.

And there’s so much more so check out all of the new features over on

Creative Cloud connected mobile apps and new hardware—because our world is mobile.

An entirely new family of connected mobile apps and the hardware (yes, Adobe is releasing hardware) could be the things we all look back on in two years and say, “OK that really changed how I do my work.” These are incredibly powerful apps that start to bring the functionality you get from desktop apps, to mobile. Pros will want to use them, but they’re easy enough that anyone can use them. Get these apps now—they are all free:

  • Adobe Sketch, a social sketching iPad app for free-form drawing.
  • Adobe Line, the world’s first iPad app for precision drawing and drafting.
  • Adobe Photoshop Mix brings the powerful creative imaging tools only found in Photoshop right to the iPad, for the first time. The focus of this release is to be task oriented, so we started with the two most-used features: precise compositing and masking. PS Mix also includes Upright, Content Aware Fill and Camera Shake Reduction—and integrates back to Photoshop CC on the desktop.
  • Adobe Lightroom mobile for iPhone, extending Lightroom right to your iPhone.

The Creative Cloud connected mobile apps complement and enhance the new creative hardware that’s also available now. Adobe Ink (formerly Project Mighty) is a new digital pen that connects to the Creative Cloud, giving users access to their creative assets—drawings, photos, colors and more—all at the tip of the pen. And Adobe Slide (formerly Project Napoleon) is a new digital ruler to create precise sketches and lines. As we talked about previously, these new pieces of hardware “make digital creativity both more accessible and more natural by combining the accuracy, expressiveness and immediacy of pen and paper with all the advantages of our digital products and the Creative Cloud.” Adobe Ink and Slide demonstrate how mobile is now a true partner in the creative workflow.

Creative Cloud services tie it all together so you can work wherever you are.

We all work on multiple devices. We move between desktop or laptop to phone and tablet. Now Creative Cloud is connected to iOS devices, so you can take it wherever you go; your creative identity isn’t just tied to your desk. All of the latest desktop apps, mobile apps and creative hardware are tightly integrated through Creative Cloud services. Simply put, you can now access and manage everything that makes up your creative profile—files, photos, colors, community and so much more—from wherever you are. Get the new Creative Cloud app for iPhone and iPad for full access on your mobile devices.

New offers for photographers, enterprises and education

  • For all photographers—hobbyist, prosumer and professional—we’re introducing a new Creative Cloud Photography plan at just $9.99 per month.
  • For our Education customers, we now have a device-based licensing plan for classrooms and labs so more than one person can access Creative Cloud on a single machine. The special student/teacher edition pricing also got a little sweeter, as the full Creative Cloud is now available to them at just $19.99/month for the first year.
  • For our Enterprise customers, we’ve added file storage and collaboration to Creative Cloud, along with expanded options for deployment (named user vs. anonymous) and a new dashboard for managing users and entitlements.

There is so much that’s new in the 2014 release of Creative Cloud that you have to take a few minutes to click around, read about the new apps, and watch videos of the new features. Are you a paid member? All of it is available now for you. Have you been considering the move to Creative Cloud? The new versions of the desktop apps you use most have added almost since CS6. There really is no better time to join the community.

Adobe Edge Animate CC Update

Ares Hovhannesyan - Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 21, 2014 - sahunt

Did you hear that? A new version of
 Edge Animate CC is here!

Hello Edge Animate fans! After months of intensive development from
 the Animate team, we’re proud to release a major update to 
Edge Animate CC (3.0) available
 right now with your Creative Cloud membership. This release comes jam-packed with brand
new features, giving you the tools you need to keep pushing the boundaries of animating with HTML.

What will you find in this release?

Audio Support (!!)
Sound can be an essential component of any interactive multimedia experience. Whether it’s
adding subtle sound effects or creating animated stories, audio will help you bring your narrative
to life to enhance the experience of your viewer. We’re quite excited to bring you audio support
using all the native HTML5 audio capabilities. This will let you import audio into your projects,
synchronize sound with your timeline and easily control audio events with new snippets and
playback controls. Since we’re using the browser as the player, 
anything you can do with
sound in the browser
 you can do inside of Animate. Cool right?

We’ve put a lot of love into this feature and put together some documentation to help get you started.
Check out Adding Audio to Your Animations to learn more.

Responsive Scaling
Creating motion for multiple screen sizes can be difficult. This is why we’re brought you responsive
scaling to help your Animate projects scale up and down to fit different viewports. With this feature
 enabled, your projects will resize to fit whatever container you place it in and scale up and down
as the container or browser resizes — keeping the aspect ratio of all your animations in place.
To try it out, just check “Responsive Scaling” for the Stage properties, preview in the browser and
watch the magic happen.

Script Loading
The web is beautiful in that there’s countless JavaScript libraries available which help you create
anything you can imagine without having to write it yourself from scratch. If there’s anything we’ve
learned from how you guys use Animate, it’s that you love bringing in JavaScript libraries to extend
your compositions. Since Animate uses the open web to create your projects, it only made sense
for us to easily allow you to bring in all your favourite libraries like 
GreensockEdge Commons,
jQuery UI and many more. In the library panel you’ll find a new section called “Scripts” — click the
plus button to bring in that favourite JS library from your hard drive, or point to an online source. 

But wait, there’s more! Also included in this release are enhancements to OAM publishing, usability
 improvements for motion paths and object alignment, and other goodies to make your editing
experience even better. To see an overview of all the new features, check out What’s New in 3.0.

Can’t wait to get your hands on it? Click on the “Install” button beside Edge Animate CC in your
 Creative Cloud desktop app to install, or visit creative.adobe.comand select “Download”.

Thanks to you, our loyal fans, for your ongoing feedback and support which help us drive what
happens with each release. You rock. Happy animating!

Sarah Hunt
Product Manager, Adobe Web P&A

3D Animation with CreateJS

Ares Hovhannesyan - Sunday, December 09, 2012

You may ask yourself..

How to create 3D animation in HTML5, JavaScript amd publish it on your web page? Stay tuned the new post will come soon...
Any question post on forum...

Adobe Edge Animate 1.0

Ares Hovhannesyan - Monday, January 02, 2012

Now!!! Adobe  Edge Animate is available for Free!!!

 Adobe Edge Animate 1.0 is announced! The first commercial version is now available from the Adobe Creative Cloud, as a perpetual (non-expiring) product. 

Please download at create your new website with this excellent product. Sign up to the Creative Cloud and enjoy Adobe Edge Animate new features! Additionally you will have access to other Adobe Edge Tools & Services, such as Edge Inspect and PhoneGap Build.

Recent Updates

Aug 20, 2012 — Adobe Edge is now Adobe Edge Animate.
Preview 7 is here. New features include resizable layouts, rulers and guides, a more precise timeline, and much more.

 Adobe® Edge Animate is a powerful, intuitive tool for creating stunning animated and interactive content using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Edge Animate is intuitive and has powerful features that can save time and headaches. Content made with Edge Animate runs gracefully on mobile devices and desktops, expanding your reach on the modern web.

Intuitive user interface — Edge is centered around a WebKit-based stage, so your compositions have fidelity across modern browsers. Design engaging HTML content with an assortment of styling options and integration with font services like TypeKit.

Animate with precision — Add motion to graphics and HTML elements with amazing accuracy with Edge using the powerful, yet easy-to-use, timeline editor. Edit property-based keyframes and enhanced easing for complete animation control, or leverage the Pin tool to speed up the animation process.

Energize existing HTML — Since Edge works natively with HTML, you can open HTML pages and add motion to them. The animation code generated by Edge is stored in a separate file, so the integrity of the page is preserved.

Extend — Enhance the richness of your work with Edge by handling user interaction and playback control. Use the built-in code snippet library or add your own JavaScript code.

Symbols — Create nested animations with independent timelines and interactive capabilities. Symbols are reusable and can be controlled via exposed APIs and pre-built code snippets.

Mobile-ready content — Content created with Edge is designed to work reliably on iOS and Android devices, and modern desktop browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9. Edge also lets you define a fallback state for older browsers.Various bug fixes.